Shanghai-Kowloon through train stops at Dongguan, Guangzhgou East, Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Hangzhou East train stations

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Here is something you should know about  

Immigration Formalities

No matter where you want to go, either the route of Shanghai - Kowloon or the route of Beijing - Kowloon, you have to arrive at Hung Hom station 45 minutes before the departure of the through train. The entrance gate would be closed 10 minutes before the departure. Immigration formalities in China will be done at Dongguan Station.

Conveyance Charges of Consigned Luggage/Parcel  

Conveyance service is only provided for Hung Hom Station to Shanghai Station or to Beijing West station. There is no such service for all the other stations. (HK$ per 5 kg):


Station Luggage Parcel
Beijing West  $8.90 $25.5
Shanghai $8.00 $23.0

(Effective on 21 Oct 2001 until further notice.)

Please refer to the relevant station information board for handling charges.


Conditions of Luggage and Parcel consignment  

The maximum weight for luggage for each passenger without charge: 
The maximum dimension for each hand-carried luggage should not be more than 160x160x160cm.  Any luggage in excess of this dimension should be consigned.
The chargeable weight and height of each piece of luggage or parcel is 5kg of part of thereof.  The minimum chargeable weight is 10kg.
Any consigned luggage weigh less than 50kg for each passenger would be charged at the prescibed luggage rate.  For anyone consigning more than 50kg (75kg for disabled with wheelchair), the overweight portion would be charged in accordance with the parcel consignment charges.
Each piece of consigned luggage or parcel must not be smaller than 0.01 cubic meter or exceed 75kg.
5. The size and weight of each piece of consigned luggage or parcel must not be smaller than 0.01 cubic meter or exceed 75kg.
For more information, please dial (852)2333 9884 for enquiry or contact the consignment office at Hung Hom Station.  
In case of any change, please refer to the relevant station information board.


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