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South Korea


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Airport Information

Name of airport: Incheon International Airport
Distance to town: 52 km
Taxi fare: KRW 40,000
Seated Bus fare: KRW 5,500
Central City Bus fare: KRW 10,000
Limousine fare: KRW 10,000
Public bus fare: KRW 2,400
Airport tax: International - KRW 15,000; Domestic - KRW 4,000

Flying hours from Hong Kong on direct flights

3 1/6 hours


Not required for HK Passport holders and HKCI holders for stay less than 15 days
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Customs allowance

Tobacco: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250g of another tobacco product
Liquor: One bottle of liquor not exceeding 1,000c.c.
2 ounces of perfume
Gift up to value of Won 300,000
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Korean Won (W)
Approximately 1,000 Won=HK$9.93=US$1.279
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Airport Tax
- International: W 9,000
- Domestic: W 3,000
Value Added Tax (VAT)
- 10%

Time Zone

GMT: + 9
Difference from Hong Kong: + 1


Sightseeing Tour Bus within City

Tourist Attractions

Kyongbok Palace
National Museum
Changduk Palace
Secret Garden
Soraksan National Park
Rocking Rock
Tonhwamun, oldest gate in Seoul
Bridge of Freedom
Sukkulam Grotto
Pulkaksa Temple
Korean Folk Village

Shopping Guide

Yongsan Electronic Goods Market
Kyongdong Market
Hwanghak-dong Flea Market
South Gate(Namdaemun)


Winter (Jan - Mar): -2 C, average rainfall 29mm
Spring (Apr - Jun): 16 C, average rainfall 29mm
Summer (Jul - Sep): 24 C, average rainfall 254mm
Autumn (Oct - Dec): 7 C, average rainfall 37mm
Temperature - Five Day City Forcast
Precipitation - Five Day City Forcast


Official Languages: Korean
Language of Business and Administration: Korean, English, Japanese


110/220 volts

Emergency and Useful Tel. No.

S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres: Please click here
Fire - dial 119
Ambulance - dial 129
Police - dial 112

Tourism Organizations

Korea National Tourism Corporation

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