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Airport information
Narita Airport
Distance to Town: 66 km
Limousine Bus: JPY2,400 ~ 3,800, takes about 80 mins.
Narita Airport <=> Tokyo City Air Terminal, Tokyo Staton, Rinkai Fukutoshin / Takesltiba, Akasaka,  Shinagawa / Ebisu,   Kudan, Ikebukuro, Maihama, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shiba, Asakusa, Shiba, Haneda Airport
Train: JR Narita Express
JPY2,940 ~ 4,180, takes about 90 mins
Narita Airport => Tokyo Station => Shinjuku / Yokohama
JR Airport Narita Train
JPY650 ~ 1890 , takes about 35~95 mins.
Narita Airport => Tokyo Station => Shinagawa => Yokohama
JPY1,920, takes about 60/80 mins
Narita Airport => Nippori => Keisei Ueno
Taxi fare: Between JPY20,000 and JPY23,000
Airport tax: Adult: JPY 2,040; children (between 2-12 years): JPY1,020
Haneda Airport
Limousine Bus: JPY600 ~ 3,500, takes about 40~50 mins.
Haneda airport <=> Tokyo City Air Terminal, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Maihama
Train Tokyo Monorail
JPY470, takes about 22 minutes

Haneda Airport => Hamamatsu Cho Station
Keikyu Line
JPY400, takes about 25 minutes

Haneda Airport => Kamata => Shinagawa Station

Fly hours from Hong Kong on direct flights  back to the top

3 hrs 50 mins

Visa back to the top

Required for HK Passport holders and HKCI holders
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Customs allowance back to the top

Tobacco: 500g of tobacco or 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars
Liquor: 3 bottles of liquor (760c.c. each)
2 ounces of perfume
Gift and souvenirs other than the above whose total market value does not exceed JPY200,000
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Currency back to the top

Yen (JPY)
Approximately JPY1,000=HK$64.8939=US$8.31894
Click here for restrictions

Tax back to the top

Airport Tax
- International: Adult: JPY 2,040; children (between 2-12 years): JPY1,020
- Domestic: Tax included in airfare
Sales Tax
- 3 %

Time Zone back to the top

GMT: + 9

Difference from Hong Kong: + 1

Accommodation back to the top
Please click here
Transportation back to the top
- JR Railway
- Airport Transportation
- Getting Around Transportation

Tourist Attractions back to the top

Tokyo Tower, Sunday Harajuku, Tokyo Disneyland, Imperial Palace, Asakusa Kannon Temple, Meiji Shrine, Yasukunai Jinja, Roppongi, Ski Dome, Ueno Park, Tama Zoo

Shopping Guide  back to the top
Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ueno, Akasaka, Akihabra, Excite World Market Place
Outlet Mall Rhythm
Weather   back to the top
Jan - Mar: 5 C, average rainfall: 79mm
Apr - Jun: 15 C, average rainfall: 74mm
Jul - Sep: 26 C, average rainfall: 57mm
Oct - Dec: 17 C, average rainfall: 69mm
Temperature - Five Day City Forcast
Precipitation - Five Day City Forcast
Language   back to the top
Official Languages: Japanese
Language of Business and Administration: Japanese and English
Electricity   back to the top
100 volts, 50 cycles AC
Emergency and Useful Tel No  back to the top
S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres: Please click here
Emergency calls for Police: dial 110
Public Holiday  back to the top
Date Name
January 1: New Year's Day
The second Monday of January: Coming-of-Age Day
February 11: National Foundation Day
March 21 (or 20): Vernal Equinox Day
April 29: Greenery Day
May 3: Constitution Memorial Day
May 5: Children's Day
July 20: Maritime Day
September 15: Respect-for-the-Aged Day
September 23 (or 24): Autumnal Equinox Day
The second Monday of October: Health-Sports Day
November 3: Culture Day
November 23: Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 23: Emperor's Birthday
* When a national holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday is a holiday.
* When a day (except for Sundays and the above) is sandwiched between May 4. two national holidays, it is also a holiday. This rule applies
Tourism Organizations  back to the top
Japan National Tourist Organization Homepage

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