Cangzhou Tracer - the origin of Tracer boxing

According to data, during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, Sun Tong, a native of Tai 'an (Daiyue), Shandong Province, learned the art from famous teachers and practiced hard for more than ten years in Shaolin Temple, especially the magic boxing. After that, Sun Tong visited famous scholars from north and south and took their advantages, which made the mizhuan boxing inherit the style and style of shaolin boxing from outside, but also formed a unique style of practicing both inside and outside. Sun Tong once passed datun Village and Xiaonanhe Village of Jinghai County where the tri-junction of Qingxian county and Jinghai County was located in Cangzhou. Since then, there have been two forms of magic boxing in Qingxian. First, to the villagers of Datun Village. Second, grant huo clan of xiaonanhe village. According to huo Yuanjia's great-grandfather is Sun Tong's high foot. The magic boxing taught by Sun Tong was spread in Cangzhou, Hebei province, and was brought to Hong Kong, a small place, by Ye Yuting in the middle of last century. Also by Ye Yu pavilion south China athletic association in Hong Kong in 1957 and 1958 its secrets from jean's "fan trace boxing and twips robe sword" single pass granted it was handed down the house disciple zhi-jian ma, again by zhi-jian ma put the fans in the "fan trace a boxing sword" trace boxing teach another Ye Yu pavilion was handed down disciple Hong Yun Yuen was stored is zhi-jian ma teacher younger brother 】 【 southern a pulse. The "one fist" here is actually the "iron foot Arhat fist", which has been passed down by the mouth of the master for decades, and the "one sword" is the famous "Ti Pao sword".

The legend of Boxing spread south to Hong Kong

Ye Yuting is a native of Cangxian county, Hebei Province. He has been obsessed with martial arts since he was young. At a young age, he has followed his uncle Ye Xizhen to learn magic boxing. At the age of 24, Ye Yuting ye Xi Zhen's life, as northeast Changsheng biaoju biaoshi. At that time, all over the northeast, thieves such as MAO, Ye Yuting with its martial arts, broke into the next. Later, promoted by Peiping Jiumen commandant Wang Huaiqing, he served as the head coach of the first brigade in the army. When Wang Huaiqing was promoted to commander in chief of beiping Garrison, Ye Yuting was transferred to coach the garrison for ten years. Subsequently, the garrison team was transferred to Zhang Xueliang and continued to teach for three years. After serving for two years, Ye was transferred to Shanghai Central Jingwu Association at the age of 40. Then he learned Shaolin boxing from Zhao Lianhe. During the Sino-Japanese War, when the South China Sports Association of Hong Kong added the Chinese martial arts department, Yip Yuting, who had already gone to Guangzhou Bay to teach at xinwu Tang in Xiying, was invited to go to Hong Kong. After the End of the Anti-Japanese War, Yip continued to teach Mizan and Shaolin boxing in Hong Kong from the 1940s to the early 1960s, and died in 1962. The fact that Ye Yuting contributed to the south spread of tracer boxing in Hong Kong is indisputable. The above is the path of Ye Yuting's southward spread of tracer boxing from Cangzhou, Hebei province, through the warlord civil war in the early years of the Republic of China, down to Shanghai, to Guangzhou, and finally to Hong Kong.

The inheritance purpose and value of The Magic boxing

It is said that the magic boxing has a history of more than 1400 years. In the long history, the magic boxing is also constantly enriched and developed. In addition to its long history, the magic boxing is of great value in inheriting the fine traditions of the Chinese nation.

Mizhuan is a kind of boxing inherited by Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910), a representative of martial arts in the late Qing Dynasty. The key is that Huo Yuanjia and The magic boxing represent the spirit of the Chinese nation to strive for strength, arouse the Chinese people's patriotism and national sense of belonging. When Sun Tong taught magic boxing to Huo Yuanjia's great-grandfather, huo's family secret. Huo Yuanjia from childhood to follow his father Horn first learning tracer boxing, but also to Jing Hai Yang Chengzhuang tracer boxing heir Tian Yongchun learning. Later, Huo Yuanjia became famous for his skills as a Warrior in Japan. Huo Yuanjia and the Magic boxing became known in China. Literature records that 100 years ago, namely in 1909 jingwu Gymnastics School (later in 1910 also known as China Jingwu Sports Association) for Huo Yuanjia to teach a large scale to the society and the first set up. After Huo yuanjia died in September 1910, Lu Weichang, Chen Gongzhe and Yao Chanbo, known as the three Jingwu Gymnastic Companies, inherited huo yuanjia's unfinished business and jointly founded China Jingwu Sports Association, which was renamed Shanghai Jingwu Sports Association in 1916. The witness of history can be seen in the inspirational manuscript "Jingwu Benji Preface" written by Mr. Sun Wen for the sons of Jingwu Sports Association in 1919. "Martial spirit", the essence of his article, is still hanging in the site of Hong Kong Jingwu Sports Association. The lyrics once said: "The world is like chess, every game is full of legend"! In 1955, the book "Shaolin Tracer Arhat Boxing", written by Pan Maorong and performed by Ye Yuting, a tracer boxer from Cangzhou, was published. It recorded that "Ye Yuting joined Shanghai Central Jingwu at the age of 40", which became the second connection between Tracer Boxing and Jingwu Sports Association.

Coincidence, this September 20, 2010, which is a famous martial art in Shanghai sports club in one hundred after the advent of southern Hong Kong cangzhou fan trace Ye Yu pavilion was handed down the first generation disciple of boxing zhi-jian ma, Hong Yun Yuen should Hong Kong famous martial art with Hong Yun Heng three sports club invitation arrived, jotun in Kowloon, Hong Kong Hong Kong jingwuyangxiong sports club arranged by the Hong Kong newspaper media interviews, By the two cangzhou tracer inheritor Ma Zhijian and Hong Yun Yuen impromptu demonstration of ye Yuting original only secret to its home disciples tracer one punch one sword (namely iron foot arhat boxing and Ti pao sword), and to continue huo Yuanjia tracer boxing and Jingwu sports association in the same line. Interstate this after Hong Kong returned to China since 1997, a new generation of Hong Kong teenagers when to sun yat-sen xun encourage jia of sports of China art, keep fit and alert the martial spirit of constantly striving to follow fearless and other trace boxing legend allusions, and then contact to spread global famous martial art sports club in every region of the Chinese overseas Chinese, promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, the revitalization of the Chinese, Towards the world and consistent coexistence, mutual encouragement, continuation of the historical legacy.

「The above excerpt is from a manuscript by Ma Zhijian and Hung Yun Yuen, September 28, 2010 」