Cultural Artefacts of Martial Arts (not for sale)

Totem Sword of the Zhou Dynasty

On the basis of the rare and precious collections of culture artefacts, we possess the competitively advantageous requirements of imparting and inheriting Chinese traditional martial arts in cooperation with recommending and introducing cultural tourism. Knives and swords, such as the ancient jade knife, bronze sword and Tang knife, are familiar traditional weapons of China. Knives were also a media, namely, currency, of exchanging commodities in the ancient Zhou Dynasy. Being the reporting inheritor of ‘Mi Zong Quan’, a social practical event of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Hong Kong Special Adminsitrative Region, China, we have long been advocating unremitting efforts to improve oneself, devotion to one’s career and joy in company, also the support of truth and praise of merits. The purpose is to chime in with ‘telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices well, in addition to explaining Chinese features and displaying China’s image in a good way.’


Blending with Production Life

Among the listed important tasks ‘Regarding Opinions on Implementing the Development Project of Imparting and Inheriting the Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture’, there includes ‘supporting…the vigorous development of cultural tourism, the full utilization of the advantage of historically cultural resources, the release of a lot of travel routes for studies on special topics so as to lead tourists feeling Chinese culure during travel. …developing traditional sports, rescuing endangered sport events, and bringing traditional sport events into nationwide physical fitness.

Wushu Culture Forum