Master Hong Yunheng, a fan of martial arts performance in 2019, sanshou

「Watching Kung Fu Sanshou online」

Sanshou quan spectrum discussion cataloguing share:

1. Frame section 1
2. Frame section 2
3. Extrajudicial bars and rods
4.Bars method in bars
5. Sanshou Part (up)
6. Sanshou Part (next)

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Afcd local Agriculture and Fisheries Food Carnival 2018 Martial Arts And Culture United Front Fan Boxing master Hung Yun Yuen

Tracer boxing/Shaolin boxing

Venue: The venue for the martial arts classes is the Free hand Training ground at Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre, Yau Tong, Kowloon.

Date and time: 8pm to 10pm on Fridays (except public holidays).

Tutors: Hung Yun Yuan (Hung Kong, China), Hung Yun Heng, Hung Shao-hui

Fee: HKD200 per course.

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