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Ecotourism in Hong Kong


            Animals, Plants and Pesticides:

Animals and Birds Import Plant Import
Animals and Products of Animal Origin export Plant Export
Animal Disease and Control Plant and Quarantine
Control of Avian Influenza Plant Breeders' Rights and Varieties Protection

            Country Parks:
            Hong Kong has about three-quarters is countryside, and a great landscape rising from sandy beaches and rocky foreshores.  Woodlands and mountain ranges covered by open grassland with a bariety of scenic vistas rarely.  The following places are country parks with activities ranged from leisure walking, fitness exercises, hiking and barbecuing.  Please click in any of them and check out the location, maps, dates of designation and other detail informations about the park.

Country Parks and Special Areas Tai Tam and extension
Clear Water Bay Shing Mun
Aberdeen Country Park Sai Kung
Ma On Shan Tai Po Kau Special Area
Lantau Tai Mo Shan & Lam Tseun
Pat Sin Leong Plover Cover Tai Lam
Kam Shan Lion Rock

            Marine Park:
            Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the whole world, part of its coastline has been used for accommodating the rapid growing of population and economic growth.  Fortunately, some of the coasline and diverse marine life in Hong Kong still remains.  However, these areas are threatened by the impacts of sewage, dredging, dumping, reclamation and other kinds of threats such as destructive fishing.  It is a neccessary to protect and coserve the marine environment for conservation, education and recreation.  Until now, there are three marine parks and one marine reserve were designated.  Please click in any one of the following parks and get more information about them.

Cape D'Aguilar Marine Reserve Ho Ha Wan
Sha Chau Lung Kwu Chau Yat Chau Tong
Telephone Enquiry

             Nature Trail:
           Nature trails is paths in an signifiant area for visitors to understand the countryside, wildlife, vegetation, history and village life.  On site intrepretation plates are installed along the path to draw attention to special and interesting features.  If you are interesting in conservation and want to have more knowledge about these parks, please click in the following items.

Aberdeen  Pak Tam Chung
Eagle's Nest Pineapple Dam
Bride's Pool Tai Tong
Hung Mui Kuk Tai Po Kau 
Kap Lung Forest Trail  Tsiu Hang 
Pat Sin Leng Twisk

            Country Trail:
            Hong Kong has a number of country parks with different lengths provided.  Those trails are prepared for family or small groups for a day or half day outing.  The following trail walks are waymarked footpaths passing through scenic areas of the countryside.  Presently, there are altogether 13 Country Trails and more would added in due course.  Please click in the following items and prepare a great day with your family or friends.

Lung Ha Wan  Peng Chau
Lau Shui Heung Pak Tam
Luk Wu Tai Tam
Ma On Shan High Junk Peak 
Cheung Sheung  Keung Shan 
Hok Tau Wong Lung Hang
South Lantau

            Long Distance Hiking Trail:
            There are four long-distance hiking trails in Hong Kong that are very popular. The MacLehose Trail (100 km) located in the New Territories from Sai Kung in the east to Tuen Mun in the west. The Lantau Trail (70 km) is a circular trail located in Lantau Island. The Hong Kong Trail (50 km) crosses all the five Country Parks on Hong Kong Island. The Wilson Trail (78 km) stretches from Stanley in the south of Hong Kong Island to Nam Chung in the north of the New Territories.

Lantau Trail  Hong Kong Trail 
MacLehose Trail Wilson Trail

            Visitor Centre:

Aberdeen Tai Mo Shan
Clear Water Bay Sai Kung
Lion Nature Education Centre Shing Mun
Plover Cove

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