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Travellers have to check quite in advance for health regulations and recommendations of your countries of destination, countries you will go enroute and even countries of departure if you are returning after your trip. The best way is to consult your local health service 4 to 6 weeks before departure.

Some diseases may be prevailing in the countries / cities / counties of your destination, while they are not common in the cities where you are residing. Great care should be taken to avoid contacting with these diseases

Preventive measures should be taken by taking necessary advance immunization and drug prophylaxis. As sometimes the vaccination taken will need time to take effect or it has a side effect. Please consult your physician when will be the most suitable time to take the vaccination.

When you are abroading, make sure that the food and water you take are safe. Avoid taking tap water, putting ice cubes in beverages, eating food sold by street venders. Take precautions against mosquitos when traveling to high altitude areas, avoid overexertion, frostbite, hypothermia and altitude sickness.

If you are carrying medication along your trip, you should bring with you a detail medical attestation signed by your treating physician certifying such drugs are prescribed as treatments for your health. This certificate may be of help to clear queries from customs authourities of countries you depart, arrive anmd enroute. It is the best to consult the embassy or consulate of the countries concern to check the legality of bringing such drugs into a country even with medical attestation from your treating physician.

Many countries require travellers to produce valid yellow fever immunization certificates if you have been in yellow fever infected areas within the last 6 days. Please get these cetificates ready when necessary or you will be refused entry.

Yellow Fever Infected Areas
Yellow Fever Endemic Areas
International Association For Medical Assistance To Travellers

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