Clearance at @ At the final airport of entry in the U.S.A.
Cigarettes/ Cigars/ Tobacco Products Duty Free Allowance Non-residents (with the exception of nationals of the U.S.A. living abroad): 50 cigars or 200 cigarettes or 3lbs of tobacco (for passengers of 21 years or older).
Free export of unlimited quantity.
Alcoholic Beverages Duty Free Allowance Non-residents (with the exception of nationals of the U.S.A. living abroad): 1 US quart of alcoholic beverages (persons of 21 years or older)
Free export of unlimited quantity.
Gifts & Mic. Items Duty Free Allowance Import of gifts is free of duty if not exceeding USD 100.- in value, provided:
  • The stay in the U.S.A. is not less than 72 hours and
  • This USD 100.- gift exemption has not been claimed within the preceding 6 months.
Prohibited Articles
  • Dairy products, meat, eggs, poultry, narcotics, marijuana, dangerous drugs, plants, seeds, vegetables, fruits, soil, live insects, snails and other living plant or animal pests.
  • Fish - unless certified as disease-free - or their eggs, if not canned, pickled or smoked may not be imported from anywhere except North America.
  • Imports from or exports to Iran and leather souvenirs imported from Haiti
  • Wildlife and fish and endangered wildlife species are subject to certain prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Matches and match books in luggage unless tightly packed in a closed container.

Import Export

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