Clearance at @ At the airport of final destination of Germany
Cigarettes/ Cigars/ Tobacco Products Duty Free Allowance 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grammes of smoking tobacco. Or a proportional assortment of these different products.
Reasonable quantities
Alcoholic Beverages Duty Free Allowance
  • 1 litre of spirits of an alcoholic strength exceeding 22DRG VOL. Or non-denatured ethyl alcohol of 80 DGR VOL or over. Or 2 litres of spirits, aperitifs with a wine or alcohol base. Tafia, sake or similar beverages of an alcoholic strength not exceeding 22DGR VOL. Or 2 litres of sparkling wines or liqueur wines. Or a proportional assortment of these different products and 2 litres of still wines.
  • The quantities stated are only applicable to passengers of 17 years or older.
Reasonable quantities
Gifts & Mic. Items Duty Free Allowance
  • 50 grammes of perfumes or 0.25 litre of toilet waters.
  • Goods, of a total value not exceeding DEM 350, other than gold, gold alloys and rolled gold, unworked or semi-manufactured, eg.cast bars.
  • 500 grammes of coffee or 200 grammes of extracts

Note:If goods are bought tax-paid in normal market places of an European Union country, no restrictions are applied.

Reasonable quantities
Prohibited Articles
  • Narcotic Drugs. Arms. Explosives. Protected species of animals and plants and parts and derivatives of such animals and plants. Meat and meat products from countries included in Commonwealth of Independent States , Portugal, Sardinia, Spain, Turkey and all countries of Africa and Asia

Import Export

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