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Native Products


The most representative ones are:

  • Hangzhou Brocade
  • Sichuan Brocade
  • Suzhou Figured Satin and Crepe Silk
  • Dandong Tussah Silk

China is the home of tea. Chinese tea falls into 5 types - Green Tea, Red Tea, Scented Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea.

The most famous ones are:

  • Pilochun Tea
  • Qihong Tea
  • Yuanfeng Tea
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Silver Needle Tea
  • Dahongpao Tea
  • Tieguanyin Tea

Alcoholic Beverages
Chinese alcoholic beverages fall into 4 types - White or Clear Spirits, Fruit Wine, Yellow Wine and Beer.

The most famous ones are:

  • Maotai Liquor of Guizhou
  • Fen Liquor of Shanxi
  • Wuliangye Liquor of Sichuan
  • Gold Prize Brandy
  • Shacheng White Wine of Hebei
  • Minquan White Wine of Henan
  • Shaoxing Yellow Wine
  • Tsindao Beer

Chinese medicine
Chinese medical treatments is a complete and independent system of the western medical school, in which the theory and practice have been constantly enriched over the past several thousand years.
Traditional Chinese medicine is made of herbs and animal parts and prepared by traditional methods.

The most famous ones are:

  • Ginseng
  • Clam
  • Donkey-hide-gelatin
  • Pilose Antler

These are especially for boosting and strengthening human energy.

Arts & Crafts

The most famous ones are:

  • Works of Sculpture and Dongyuang Wood Carving
  • Embroidery in Suzhou, Hunan, Guangzhou and Sichuan
  • Pottery and Porcelain in Jindezhen, Jiangxi Province
  • Glassware
  • Woven Products
  • Printing and Dyeing
  • Hand-made Carpets
  • Hui Ink Stick of Anhui
  • Zhaoqin Ink Slab
  • Brush of Wuxing
  • Paper Cuts by peasant women of Zhejiang


Chinese antiques are all the rage today, with many examples of the ancient artistry available from shops and specialty stores. Two areas that should be taken in are Liulichang, the restored Qing Dynasty "Cultural Street", and the newly-opened Beijing Curio City.

Liulichang means "Glazed the Workshops", with the Qing Dynasty-style buildings housing shops offering blue-and-white porcelain, calligraphy scrolls and materials, old costumes and furniture.

With more than 250 curio shops, Beijing Curio City is China's largest antiques and folk art centre. Many of the dealers are themselves connoisseurs and curio collectors and can offer good advice on purchases.

* Cultural Relics should be sent to the cultural administrative departments first for verification and    issuing of invoice permit or export licence.
   Exports of antiques over 150 years are strictly forbidden.

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