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By linking to the provincial capital of Hangzhou and to Shanghai by rail, Ningbo traditional industries of fishing, shipbuilding and the cultivation of bamboo shoot have been expanded, but the largest project is creating major container port with computerised facilities capable of handling vessels up to 100,000 tons and rivalling Shanghai, and the next stage will link the port with the Grand Canal and its vast network of waterways.

Airport Information

Name of airport: Lishe Airport
Distance to city: 17 km
Airport Transport:
  • Airport Coach
    • fare: CNY 2
  • Taxi
    • fare: CNY 50
  • Most hotels provide transportation
Airport tax: CNY 90 (international flights)

Flying hours from Hong Kong on direct flights

Flight Schedules from/to Hong Kong
1 hours 50 min


Home entry permit required for HK Chinese.
Visa is required for foreigners.
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Embassies and Consulates

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Customs allowance
  • Tobacco: 400 cigarettes
  • Liquor: two 75cl bottles of alcoholic beverages
Customs rules require an accounting of all valuables including watches, jewellery, cameras and currency that you are taking in. A copy of this is surrendered on departure and anything missing may well be treated as imported and duty required accordingly. Therefore make sure you obtain a police report for any goods stolen during your stay.
Recorded video-tapes must be declared and may be viewed by the Authorities on arrival.
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Renminbi (RMB)
Approximately RMB1 = HK$0.9297 = US$0.1197 (updated 25 Mar 1996)
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Time Zone

GMT: + 8
Difference from Hong Kong: + 0


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Tourist Attraction

Daibu Park
Putuoshan Island - one of Buddhism's most sacred sites, which features an array of temples and scenic spots
Moon Lake - The old quarter of the city around it was where the rich merchants of the Ming and Qing lived
Tianyi Ge - the oldest existing library in China and was built in 1561 by the Mandarin Fan Qin, its collection was up to 300,000 books. And its design was used in the 18th century as the inspiration for seven Imperial libraries.
Baoguo Si - one of the oldest wooden structures in China, with some interesting exhibits of architecture through the centuries
Tiantong Temple - one of the sacred mountains of Zen where the famous Japanese monks Doyan and Yonsai came to study Buddha during the Song Dynasty
Ayuwang Temple - the sarira Pagoda is the main attraction. It is said to have contained an actual bone of the founder of Buddism, Sakyamuni. Within the temple, calligraphy of the Song emperors and Buddhist scriptures are collected.
Xikou in Fenghua County - it's famous for its picturesque scenery and numerous ancient sites: Fenggao House, birthplace and residence of Chiang Kai Shek, and his son's Western-style house and the Yutai Salt Stone
White Rock Hill - where tomb of Chiang Kai Shek's mother and a nunnery located
Seven Tower Temple

Tours and Activities

Tours from Hong Kong

Shopping guide

Zhong Shan Lu
Friendship Store at th ePort Station
Free markets on the Zhejiang's river bank
Baizhang Lu


Min. 4 C (in Jan)
Max. 29 C (in Jul)
Annual Rainfall: 3325mm
Rainy Season: Mar - Jun
Best Season to visit: Spring
Temperature - Five Day City Forcast
Precipitation - Five Day City Forcast
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Official Languages: Mandarin
Language of Business and Administration: Mandarin and English
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220 volts, 50 cycles

Emergency Number

S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres: Please click here
Tourist Hotline: 5261179
Ambulance: 120 , 7213460
Emergencies: 110 (foreigner's section 552729)
Fire: 119
Tel No. Enquiry: 114
Police: 110
Foreign Affairs Office of Police: 7216795

Public Holidays

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