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The principle city of Sichuan, China's most populated province, Chongqing is one of the country's oldest settlements. The city is located at the junction of Yangtze River (Changjiang) and Jialing Jiang. Today's Chongqing is a busy and lively commercial and cultural centre of the entire upper Yangtze regions, and provides a wealth of attractions for visitors.

Airport Information

Name of airport: Chongqing Jiang bei Airport
Distance to city: 30 km
Taxi fare: CNY 150, takes about 45 minutes
Airport tax: CNY 90

Flying hours from Hong Kong on direct flights

Flight Schedules from/to Hong Kong
2 hours


Home entry permit required for HK Chinese.
Visa is required for foreigners.
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Embassies and Consulates

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Customs allowance
  • Tobacco: 400 cigarettes
  • Liquor: two 75cl bottles of alcoholic beverages
Customs rules require an accounting of all valuables including watches, jewellery, cameras and currency that you are taking in. A copy of this is surrendered on departure and anything missing may well be treated as imported and duty required accordingly. Therefore make sure you obtain a police report for any goods stolen during your stay.
Recorded video-tapes must be declared and may be viewed by the Authorities on arrival.
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Renminbi (RMB)
Approximately RMB1 = HK$0.9297 = US$0.12 (updated 27 Aug 1997)
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Airport Tax
- International: RMB 90
- Domestic: RMB 15

Time Zone

GMT: + 8
Difference from Hong Kong: + 0


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  • fare: CNY 2
  • fare: CNY 1.2 per km

Tourist Attraction

The Stone Carvings
built during late Tong Dynasty and scattered across 40 different places, comprises of more than 500 stones in buddhas image or as stories of Buddha.
Chaotianmen Dock modern river transport mingling with traditional junks and sampans, illustrating the importance of modern Chongqing as an industrial and transport centre.
Chongqing's North Hot Springs Park
located next to the Jialing Jiang, major scenic areas include ancient view parks, stone carvings park, fish viewing pool and lotus pool with lots of Ming and Qing architectural designs.
Chongqing's South Hot Springs Park
built during the Ming Dynasty and located at the south of Yangtze River. The most famous ones are the "Lung Quan" (Dragon Spring), " Yu Quan" (Jade Spring) and the "Wuhu Quan" (Five Lakes Spring).
Chongqing Animal Park
comprises of different exhibition halls of more than 150 kinds of animal species including pandas, goldfish, birds, water animals, buffalos, elephants, lions and tigers, camels and monkeys.
E-ling Park
located at E-ling Hill, the park was built in 1909, which was originally the home of Lee, a rich businessman, also known as "courteous park", with special plant species and a newly built tower "Lian Jiang Ting" providing the view of the entire city.
Jialing Bridge - 150 metres long bridge completed in 1996
People's Assembly Hall
architectural symbol of Chongqing built in 1951 and designed in the traditional symmetrical and beautifully-proportioned style of Ming and Qing Dynasty palaces, containing a 4000-seat auditorium.
Pipa Shan (Loquat Hill)
Chongqing's highest point rises 208 metres, the tower "Hong Xing Ting" built on the top of the hill, provides an excellent view of the city, the rivers and the surrouding area.
Red Crag Village
home of the former Premier Zhou Enlai and the wartime headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party and the 8th Route Army.
The Three Gorges
The Three Gorges along the Yangtze River include Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It extends from White King City in Fengjie, Sichuan Province in the west to Nanjing Pass, Wuchang, in the east, with a total distance of 189 km. Along the route are strange mountains and rivers, while its two ends link Chongqing and Wuhan.

Major scenic spots include:
  • Changbanpo
  • Gezhouba Dam
  • Shibao Stockade Village
  • the Three Lesser Gorges
  • the Twelve Wu Peaks
  • White King City
  • Zhangfei Temple
  • Zhaojun Village

Tours and Activities

Tours from Hong Kong
Sightseeing at Pipa Shan during evening time

Museums & Art Galleries

Chongqing City Museum
Chongqing's local history from the ancient Kingdom of Ba to World War II and Chinese Revolution.

Shopping Guide

Chongqing Antiques Shop
Chongqing E-ling Park Art Gallery
Chongqing Factory with Imitations of Chinese Arts and Crafts
Chongqing Overseas Tourist Arcade
Chongqing Three Golden Gorges Art Gallery Services Company
Eagles Department Store
Parkson Department Store
Qingyu Tang Chinese Medicine Arcade
Swan Tourist Department Store


Spring (Feb - Apr)
Summer (May - Sept): 36 C
Temperature - Five Day City Forcast
Precipitation - Five Day City Forcast
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Official Languages: Mandarin
Language of Business and Administration: Mandarin and English
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220 volts, 50 cycles

Public Holidays

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Emergency and Useful Tel. No.

S.O.S. Worldwide Alarm Centres: Please click here
Ambulance: 120
Emergencies: 110
Fire: 119
Tel No. Enquiry: 114
Police: 110

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